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I’m not a fully MTG-related blog, but I do publish custom cards from time to time. I’m also starting a daily segment on my blog called Card of the Day, where I look at different cards in the modern and standard formats, give a bit of trivia, and discuss where the card is in the metagame and what I’d like to do with it. If you’re into other card games, I’m going to be doing a review on Kaijudo in a few days, when the decks I ordered arrive.

Card of the Day: Polukranos, World Eater

Hello, and welcome to my new segment, Card of the Day! In this segment, I’ll be looking at a different card in either standard or modern each day, discussing the card’s viability, what I’d like to do with it, along with some neat trivia about the card.

The first card of the day is Polukranos, World Eater.

I loved this card when it was first spoiled, but people were skeptical. Currently, this card is up there with Desecration Demon as one of the most powerful creatures in standard. Will this change when rotation hits? I kind of doubt it. While I do think Polukranos stands to get a bit worse, the only way I think he’ll cycle out of constructed play is if the meta shifts so that he doesn’t get any good kill targets, or if a four drop comes out that is strictly better than him. I highly doubt either will happen. I think Polukranos is here to stay for awhile. You might see this deck in different builds though. With the release of M15, expect to see people testing out mono green. Nykthos and Nissa can grow this hydra to monstrous proportions, possibly letting him level an entire board. Me? I’ll keep playing him in G/R monsters as long as I can. 

In trivia, Polukranos is the sacred pet of Nylea. He was sleeping for awhile, but he woke up, and was vanquished by Elspeth. In more game-related trivia, Polukranos is one of twelve Hydras (out of 27) that has a printed power and toughness higher than 0. Of all the hydras in magic, only five Hydras don’t deal with any type of counter. In addition, only three hydras deal with non-+1/+1 counters. Those hydras are Ancient Hydra (fading counters), Balduvian Hydra (+1/+0 counters), and Phyrexian Hydra (-1/-1 counters).

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first installment of Card of the Day! Check in tomorrow for another card! In addition, I should be getting some Kaijudo stuff from Amazon this week, so expect an in-depth look at that!

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I think netflix made a mistake..

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I think netflix made a mistake..

Laughed so hard I could barely click the reblog button



I think I’ve out-done the corgi comic in terms of my most elaborate premise. I made this when I was REALLY tired. 


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Anubis and Helena: The Walkers

In every Magic: The Gathering set since Shards, there have been planeswalkers. These are some of the most hyped cards of the entire set. They’ll typically see preorder prices of twenty dollars or above, and many make their way onto tournament tables and kitchen tables alike. Planeswalkers are powerful allies to have in a fight, so lets take a look at the two you can call upon from Sephera.

The Priest of the Dead

If you haven’t yet read the story featuring these two walkers, The Priest and the Soldier, I encourage you to read it. It gives some background on our two planeswalkers. However, I’ll be giving more details on both here. 

Anubis hails from a plane where the dead are worshipped. Elaborate funerary arrangements are made for rulers, who are buried as gods. Anubis was a Priest of the Dead. It was his job to prepare the dead for burial. He also animated dead servants to serve as guardians over the tombs of kings. Unfortunately, his entire plane was enslaved after the dead became hostile, and in that moment, his spark ignited. Now, he searches the Multiverse for the one who enslaved his plane. A planeswalker known as Nicol Bolas. He has found himself on Sephera after tracking one of Bolas’s agents to this plane.

Let’s take a look at Anubis, the card.

First thing we should note, is that Anubis is cheap to cast. This gives him a good start at being able to break into the tournament scene. Let’s look at his abilities.

The first ability seems underwhelming. Each player, including you, mills two. Milling has never been an especially powerful ability. However, it can fill the graveyard. Anubis might fit nicely in a deck that looks to abuse both its own and its opponent’s graveyards.

His second ability is rather expensive. But it’s a good one. Now the first ability is starting to make sense. You can build a fairly large army off of this ability. With two graveyard inclined Courts, one that wants to be sacrificing creatures, and the other that wants to have plenty of creatures in the graveyard, this could be a very powerful mechanic.

The planeswalker “ultimate” is generally extremely powerful. Anubis’s ultimate isn’t as powerful as some, but it again synergizes very well with his first ability. If you can get to the ultimate, that’s at least 6 life your opponent is losing (2 from each +1 activation.) 

So Anubis would be very much at home in a deck that’s looking to abuse graveyards. He might fit very well in some form of junk deck, as the Trokynd mechanic, Revive, will let you make use of a lot of creatures you might mill. In fact, Revive starts to make his +1 look like “draw two cards.”  So Anubis is very reasonable. Maybe not incredibly flashy or in-your-face powerful, but his abilities synergize nicely with his colors and each other, and he can present a very real early threat to your opponent.

The Blutgarde Soldier

As is often the case, our other planeswalker hails from the plane that is the block’s setting. Sephera. Helena Maltov is part of the Blutgarde, the lawkeepers of Sephera. The Blutgarde enforce the Pact of Melsyn, a pact that promises extreme force be brought down on any act of open war. The Blutgarde is made up of both demons and angels, who coexist peacefully.

Before her spark ignited, Helena was a commander of the Blutgarde. After he legion was obliterated by a band Strigand vampires, her spark ignited and she sought revenge. Later, she found out that the Strigand were not totally to blame. The attack had, in fact, been financed by a Planeswalker. A man named Tezzeret. She hunted Tezzeret all across the Multiverse, seeking revenge. While tailing him to Ravnica, she met and befriended Anubis. Despite Anubis being a necromancer, the two get along very well. Living with the Blutgarde has taught Helena that even those who practice dark arts can be allies. After battling and defeating Tezzeret on Ravnica, the pair tracked the fleeing Planeswalker back to Sephera. 

Now that she is back on Sephera, Helena acts as a special agent for the Blutgarde. Asylla, the Demon commander of the Garde, is extremely worried about the threat that a powerful walker, like Tezzeret or his master, Nicol Bolas, might pose to Sephera. 

Let’s take a look now, at Helena Maltov, the card.

We all know how well the last two mana planeswalker went over. I think you’ll find that Helena is more powerful than our friend Tibalt, however. 

First off, her +1 actually does something. 1 damage and 1 life aren’t a lot, but she can snipe early creatures, or get in for some extra damage to players, all the while padding your life total. 

Her -3 gives you a token. It’s not a powerful ability, again, but it can gain you some board advantage and get you some board presence, which is key for her last ability.

Her ultimate takes some time, but since she’s a two mana walker, you should have some time to get her there. Her ultimate can definitely end game, or at least swing them very heavily in your favor.

The biggest thing this walker has going against her is her wimpy starting loyalty. She’s open to all sorts of burn. Luckily, she’ll be going up to 3 loyalty right away, which is a lot better.

And there you have it! Our two planeswalkers! Tune in next time, when I preview one card that makes butterflies, and another that kills them!