A good way to look at RUG is look at what it lacks: W and B. What do white and black share in common? A sense of good/evil, law/corruption, honor/deciet. It's a morality-less, political-less wasteland. I always call it the "elemental" wedge, as it shares the 4 elements in common (land in R and G, fire in R, water and air in U). It's technically the least civilized, as white and black focus on the growth of civilizations and power for different reasons. So tell me me about your set.

So, my set focuses around a world, called “Sephera” and the factions on this world. The world is split into Courts, one for each wedge. I have all but RUG figured out. The BUG court is a court of predation, but not like Jund. It’s more a court of ravenous, supernatural predation. Actually, supernatural is a good word for it, if you’ve ever seen the show, pretty much most of the non-angelic/demonic creatures in it would fit into the Strigand (the bug group) Vampires (called Striga), wraiths, etc. The Shirdu (RWU) are a Court of politics. They’re political in a way that’s not really BLACK, though. They’re not necessarily aiming for power, it’s more that each politician sees things differently, and all of them kind of disagree on things. They’ll use bribery, backstabbing, etc, but more out of a sense of “What I’m doing is right” than a sense of “Mwahaha, I want power.” They’re also obsessed with learning, revering a great Sphinx, Zeraltan, who, while not their court leader, is a powerful figure in their society.

The Trokynd (Junk colors, BWG) are kinda like more hippy golgari. They revere a cycle of life and death, and are very druidic in their practice. They are generally reclusive and congregate rarely (although they are always friendly with each other) their rank includes a lot of sort of “guardians of nature” but living, elemental, and undead. They see the undead as another step in the cycle. Their ranks include Satyrs, Trolls, and other kind of woodland creatures.

The BWR Court (Blutgarde) are very, very, very interesting. They are lead by an Angel named Melsyn. Centuries ago, Melsyn saw the world of Sephera being ripped apart by open warfare, and she sought to preserve peace. She brought both angels and demons under her banner, and drew up the Pact of Melsyn. The Pact is more of a threat. Break it (by entering into open warfare with another court) and be set upon by the wrath of the Blutgarde. Melsyn is an incredibly powerful angel, and she brought the demons under her heel. Their are still wild demons, but most have “converted” to the Blutgarde. There’s plenty of blood for them to spill, and some have even started getting a little white in them (for example, Asylla, a notable Commander of the Blutgarde is a demon who is RWB.) but it works both ways, and the Angels of the Blutgarde are not as clean as the angels on other worlds. They’re quicker to anger, and more easily swayed toward the battlefield.

Finally, the RUG Court, the Selkwyn. Originally, this court was going to be comprised of Elementals, mainly. They were to come from a sister plane to Sephera, The Dreamscape, a world where Sepherans went to when they dreamed. Ultimately though, I’ve decided to abandon this. And make the Selkwyn something else. I’m thinking of making the three Green Wedges each inhabit a different forest. The Trokynd inhabit the Mythwood, which sits on the edge of Blackmarsh (a wooded bog) where the Strigand hunt. The Selkwyn, meanwhile, could inhabit the Malkai wilds, a vast range of wilderness, untamed by any other court. I was thinking of making them elemental shamans, in tune with nature. I was thinking of having them worship elemental animal spirits. I’m not sure what their Court mechanic would be, so if you could help me figure that out, it would be great.

The Strigand Court mechanic is Ravenous. It looks like:

Ravenous X (At the beginning of your upkeep, you may sacrifice another creature, then put X +1/+1 counters on this creature. If you don’t, this creature deals damage to you equal to its power.)

Have you ever heard of someone keeping a pet crocodile? It probably started off as a cute little baby, but as it got bigger and bigger, it needed more space, became more aggressive, was more costly to keep, and eventually, was too big and dangerous for its owner to handle? That’s the feeling I wanted to go with with this mechanic. The Strigand have appetites bigger than even the predators of Jund. They’re gluttons, who feast whenever they get the chance. (Each wedge, unlike the Tarkir Wedges, are centered around the main color. So, for this wedge, it’s green. That color is then “mutated” or corrupted, by the other two colors. The Strigand take green’s predatory nature, and make it completely unsatiable. Both blue and black want more. For blue it’s knowledge, for black it’s power. Neither color can really ever get enough.)

The Trokynd Mechanic, Revive, looks like this:

Revive (You may cast this creature from your graveyard by exiling another creature card from your graveyard in addition to paying its other costs.)

The Trokynd revere their cycle. Life, death, and then life again. Rebirth. They raise their dead because they believe that is the cycle. The Trokynd are viciously protective of this cycle. They treat it like a religion. This cycle also gives them great power. Thus, the Trokynd’s central color of black, from which they draw their powers of necromancy and their love of their dead, is corrupted by white and green. White gives them a sense of structure and order, it gives them a community. Green gives them a reverence of nature and balance, while also giving them a healthy suspicion of those not their own. 

The Shirdu Mechanic is a returning one, Rebound. The Shirdu were taught the art of reusing spells by Zeraltan, the grand Sphinx who befriended them. I admit this mechanic was chosen more for mechanics than flavor, but the flavor is that the Shirdu also value efficiency. The Red in them is impassioned, it wants to be wild and free. The white in them fights against that, and so it creates order. A society, a democratic society, of councils and free speech, but still a society. The blue in them wants to improve, wants to perfect and be as efficient and learned as possible. Thus, their society is always stretching itself, always revolutionizing and changing, and being efficient. (But also very inefficient, because the red in them prevents them from TRULY working together.)

The Blutgarde Mechanic is Retribution. Retribution is an ability keyword, meaning it has no set definition. (Think, Landfall) however, it will always trigger when you are the player with the lowest life total. A Blutgarde Card with Retribution (I actually don’t have one with me, but I’m going to make one up on the fly) could look like:

Blutgarde Lancer WRB

Creature- Human Soldier

Retribution- As long as you are the player with the lowest life total, Blutgarde Lancer gets +1/+0 and has first strike.


The mechanic is a reworking of the mechanic Fateful Hour from Dark Ascension. It’s a mechanic designed to win races, essentially. Give you that little push from behind to come back and take the game.

The Blutgarde are primarily white. As such, they strive for order and balance. However, this gets corrupted by red and black. Red makes them passionate. It makes them easy to strike, and it makes them battle hungry. Black makes them ruthless. It makes them willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. The Blutgarde will gladly slaughter innocents, including women and children, if they catch word there might be a Striga or threat amongst their midst. The Blutgarde are the “Let’s nuke it from orbit” kind of people. They’re the people willing to do terrible things to achieve what are ultimately noble ends.

So, that brings us to RUG. The Selkwyn (or whatever the name eventually is. I’m open to renaming.) So far, all I have conceptualized is that they’re shamans of the elements, living in seclusion. Coming up with mechanics and more story. That’s where I need help.



my favorite thing in stories is when the antagonist doesn’t die, but instead they realize they were being kind of a stupid dick (maybe because the protagonist saved them or something) and then they have to kind of awkwardly tag along with the heroes in order to make up for their mistakes and gradually become slightly less evil





Ankle fucking shanker. This little shit changes everything. Shank everybody’s ankles!

Why was i tagged

Also same.

Maybe because Ankle Shanker is the most amazing little redheaded goblin ever to live?




Ankle fucking shanker. This little shit changes everything. Shank everybody’s ankles!

Why was i tagged

Also same.

Maybe because Ankle Shanker is the most amazing little redheaded goblin ever to live?

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Looking for some Magic Flavor Enthusiasts

Due to some ongoing problems I’m having with design, I’m going to be giving my set, Sephera, a bit of a flavor overhaul, primarily the RUG (Now what you’d call the Temur) wedge. If anyone wants to help me brainstorm mechanics and/or flavor for that court, please let me know!

Also looking for some people to help me with my currently unannounced set, Uluron: The Primordial Plane. I’m giving that one a complete makeover as well.

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medievalpoc is NOT claiming:

  • that in mediaeval Europe, there were lots of people of colour everywhere
  • that perceptions of race have always been the same, everywhere
  • that fantasy and historical fiction and games should focus exclusively on…


Honestly, though, both quizzes are biased as fuck. I mean, pretty much every single non-White answer is incredibly shallow and idiotic. Who the hell looks at a freaking storm and thinks “I’ll use the rain the clean the blood in my hands”!?

Me. I do that…

The rain shall cleanse me of the blood of my enemies.


i love how with most of the planeswalker guys its like, guys really like them because they want to identify with them, like people see themselves in jace or venser, etc (probably because they’re bland white boys, sorry)

and then the people who like gideon? girls. not even…

My favorites tend to be the ones with ghosts talking to them, Sarkhan and Liliana.

Plus Bolas. The only reason Bolas doesn’t have ghosts talking to him is because they’re too scared to.


Spoiler! Hexproof and trample seems good on a big body.

Well then.


Spoiler! Hexproof and trample seems good on a big body.

Well then.



one time when i was like 12 my dad wanted me to put a dvd in the dvd player and i was like ‘what do i get in return’ and he said ‘you can have half of the winnings of this stupid lotto ticket’ and he ended up winning 600,000 dollars and i was so pleased with myself. 300,000 dollars when youre 12 is pretty much like infinity dollars. he was so mad

Shit, man, $300,000 would be like infinity dollars to me now.